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DESCRIPTION Taurine is a sulfonic acid formed in the body from the amino acid cysteine. Taurine is often called a sulfur-containing amino acid, while there is no carboxyl group in the molecule. It is present in small amounts in the tissues and bile of animals and humans. It is used as a food additive or as a medicinal product.

White crystalline powder, melts with decomposition. It is well soluble in water, poorly soluble in most organic solvents. The taurine molecule contains the sulfonic acid group (pH 1.5) and the main amino group NH2 (pH 8.74), the isoelectric point in aqueous solutions is 5.12. Under physiological conditions (pH 7.3), the degree of ionization of the sulfogroup is 100%, the amino group is 96.3%, that is, taurine in such conditions almost completely exists in the form of a zwitter-ion.

In the industrial synthesis of taurine, the starting substance is ethanolamine, a product of large—tonnage organic synthesis.

Box 25 kg

Pocket 25 kg

STORAGE CONDITIONS: Should be stored in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area away from incompatible substances (away from strong oxidizing agents), any sources of ignition or heat (for example, open flames and hot surfaces), keep away from food, beverages. Recommended storage temperature: from 5°C to 40°C.


Quality indicators USP requirements
Appearance White crystalline powder
Content of the main substance, % pH 99,0 -101,0 4,1~5,6
Weight loss during drying, %, no more 0,20
Residue after calcination, %, no more 0,1
Sulfates, %, no more 0,010
Heavy metals, ppm, no more 10
Iron, ppm, no more 10
Chlorides, %, no more 0,011
Ammonium, %, no more 0,02
Total number of microorganisms, CFU/g, no more 1000
Yeast and mold, CFU/g, no more 100
Arsenic, mg/kg, no more 0,04


Beverage production

Medicine, pharmacy

Food additive

Animal feed

Baby nutrition

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