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Raw glycerin

Raw glycerin
DESCRIPTION Raw glycerin is a triatomic alcohol obtained by hydrolysis or saponification of vegetable oils and (or) animal fats without the use of synthesis methods. The chemical name is propantriol-1,2,3. It is part of a group of stabilizers that preserve and increase the degree of consistency and viscosity of food products.

Raw glycerin is a by–product in the production of biodiesel. It is mainly used for the production of pure glycerin by distillation. In Europe, and more recently in Russia, it has been widely used as a food additive in cattle feed.
The basis of raw glycerin is vegetable raw materials: rapeseed oil in Europe, palm oil in South America. The content of the main substance (glycerin) in this product ranges from 75 to 85% and averages 80%.

It is capable of absorbing water from the atmosphere up to 40% of its own mass. It can be mixed with water, methanol, ethanol, acetone. It does not dissolve in fats, gasoline, benzene, as well as in chloroform and ether, except for their mixtures with ethanol. It is capable of dissolving many organic and inorganic substances, such as salts, alkalis, sugar.

Tank truck – 21-30 tons

Cube – 1250 kg

Barrel – 250 kg

ORIGIN: Europe, South America
STORAGE CONDITIONS: Should be stored in tightly closed plastic container or steel packaging, in a well-ventilated area, do not allow direct sunlight. Mixed Storage is not allowed: Do not store chemicals near heat sources, oxidizing agents or acids. Recommended storage temperature: from 5°C to 40°C.


Quality indicators USP requirements
Appearance Viscous liquid from dark yellow to dark brown in color with a characteristic odor
The content of the main substance, %, no less than 80
Water content, %, no more 15
Organic substances, not including glycerin, %, no more 4
Ash content, %, no more 7
Specific gravity at 25 °C (kg/L) 1,23 – 1,25
Salt (NaCl), %, no more 7
Methanol, %, no more 1


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