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Worst Detergents For Washing Dishes That Cannot Be Bought

Each of us washes dishes at home daily and uses detergents. Russian Quality System experts checked them and told what detergents are safe and wash dishes well, and also whether the skin of the hands suffers from them.

The detergents rating compiled by experts contains the most popular offers that can be purchased at almost any store.
Test Results of tests can be called good. During the study, no violators were found. Only one sample found an increased number of microorganisms. Top 10 best detergents include brand products Amway, AOS, BioMio, BON SAI, EcoverZero, Faberlic, Fairy, SARMA, SODASAN, and SYNERGETIC. But only domestic products can claim the Quality Mark: AOS, BioMio, BON SAI, Faberlic,
Let’s look at the question of what kind of detergent is best to wash the dishes?
The consumer, when buying a detergent, first of all pays attention to its direct function, because even the safest will be a waste of money if the dishes remain dirty after washing. So, in terms of efficiency, it has been a leader for many years Fairy, which well removes pollution of any intensity. And for the green products adherents brands BioMio and PURE WATER will suit.
Also based on research conducted byRussian Quality System real customer reviewsdetergent for washing dishes that are not worth buying. It includes Red Price (Красная цена,), Everyday (Каждый день), SHINY LUX, Rainbow (Радуга), HELP, Sorti.
So, when ne dishwashing detergent was investigated, the orevealed an excess of bacteria was found out, which indicates a violation of sanitary standards in the workplace. It turned out to be a sample brand SHINY LUX.

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