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The use of technical glycerin in various industries and its popularity are due to a set of positive properties of raw materials. It is colorless and odorless, readily soluble in water in all proportions, and is non-toxic.


In our company you can buy high quality chemical raw materials at low prices. We offer glycerin produced in accordance with international quality standards.

Features of technical glycerin

The products are used for various purposes:

seed treatment in the agricultural industry. Also, glycerin is used to restore plants in case of damage to the bark, as an additive for processing plants. The technical properties of glycerin allow it to be used for livestock as well — it is added to animal feed as a top dressing;

production of paints and varnishes — serves as a color stabilizer, gives the mixtures the necessary elasticity;

production of textiles and leather — enhances color, softens materials;

production of cleaning products;

production of plastics, polymer products;

manufacture of heat-resistant materials;

use in the military industry.

Using chemical raw materials, the correct selection of the viscosity index of technical glycerin is important. The parameter depends on the temperature at which the raw material is applied. For the production of different products, a composition with its own viscosity index must be used.



Difference of technical glycerin from food glycerin

There are two types of glycerin: food and technical. The main difference between them is in the degree of purification. In the food industry, the content of pure substances is from 99.5 to 99.7%, in the technical one from 80 to 88%. The degree of purification determines the area of ​​application of the raw material.

Food glycerin when used in food is called E422 additive. There are no impurities and synthetic glycerin in high-quality raw materials. There may be additives in technical raw materials. It is also possible to use additives and synthesized substances.

There is another difference — in the way of production. Food products are obtained from natural oils and fats, technical glycerin is from propylene. The second option is cheaper, since the degree of its purification is lower and the production method is simpler.

Safety measures when using glycerin


The substance is not toxic and harmless to humans, but flammable (the liquid ignites at +203 C). In rooms where glycerin is used or stored, use of open fire is not allowed. Also, there must be good ventilation in the storage and use area. Acids and oxidizing agents should not be stored nearby. Storage temperature from +5 to +40 C.

In case of ignition, it is necessary to extinguish the flame with a fire extinguisher with foam or powder. Extinguishing is also possible with water sprayed into small droplets (up to 100 microns in diameter).

Transportation of technical glycerin is carried out in tanks by rail, water, and also by land. You need to store raw materials in barrels made of aluminum, steel or plastic, in glass containers. The container must be protected from sunlight and precipitation.

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