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You can buy high-quality food glycerin, the use of which is in demand in the production of food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, tobacco in our company. We offer any volume of chemical raw materials, low prices and delivery throughout Russia.



Features of food glycerin

Glycerin, which is used in the food industry, is called E422 additive. It is the simplest trihydric alcohol obtained from vegetable fats. It looks like a viscous liquid without color, which has a sweet taste, does not have a pungent odor and dissolves well in water.

Glycerin safety

The substance is completely harmless to the human body. Firstly, it is a natural component of our body, which is produced in the gastrointestinal tract when fats are dissolved. Secondly, food glycerin does not contain toxic elements or artificial products. Thirdly, in small concentrations, it has a positive effect on mucous membranes and skin.

Why is glycerin used in the food industry?

Food glycerin used in confectionery as a thickener to impart the required viscosity, improve consistency. It is added to confectionery, baked goods, preserves and jams.

Other tasks that glycerin can perform in food production:

Sweetener — has about 60% sweetness of sugar, therefore it is used as its substitute;

Stabilizer — ensures the stability of the internal structure or external shape of dough, chewing gum, pasta (prevents sticking), liquor, dietary products;

Preservative — ensures the shelf life of products, which is especially important for perishable products: meat, milk, bakery products, etc .;

Solvent — effective when used in wax-fat mixtures (for example, in the production of dragees);

Emulsifier — gives uniformity to coffee, tea;

Also, glycerin is used in the food industry to retain moisture in the production of soufflés, marmalade, marshmallows and other sweets.

The difference between food glycerin and technical glycerin



Not every type of glycerin is suitable for food and cosmetic production. It is important that the percentage of the basic substance is 99.5% or more. This glycerin is called food grade. There is another type of raw material — technical, with a degree of purification from 80%. It is made from propylene or animal fats, may contain synthetic additives, and therefore is not suitable for contact with human skin or consumption.

Important: technical glycerin (due to a low degree of purification and a simpler production technology) is cheaper than its counterpart. It is profitable to buy food glycerin in bulk, which will allow you to save money and immediately purchase a large batch for your needs.

Security measures



It is important to know what food glycerin is, what properties it has and what it is used for. Although it is harmless to humans and does not contain substances harmful to the environment, E422 is flammable in its pure form. Therefore, during storage and transportation, as well as during work with it, it is necessary to follow some recommendations:

Store raw materials at temperatures from +5 to +40 Celsius;

Use containers made of suitable materials (glass, plastic, aluminum, steel);

Provide good ventilation in the room.

In case of fire, use a foam or powder fire extinguisher to fight the flame (it must be present in the room where the raw materials are stored or used).

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