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There are many unusual uses for glycerin when it is not used in manufacturing or food applications. It is a versatile substance and affordability is one of the benefits. As a result, it can be used throughout the home, including for skin care.

Let’s take a closer look at what glycerin is for in everyday life and how it can be used for different purposes.



The use of glycerin in everyday life

For dish washing


To create a mixture, 25 g of laundry soap is dissolved in hot water, which is then cooled with the addition of 1 tbsp. l vodka and 4 tbsp. l glycerin. A very effective remedy that can compete with store-bought chemicals.

For cleaning the floor

Glycerin can be used for house cleaning. For example, you just need to add a little substance to a bucket of water. After washing, the floor will shine, no matter what material it is made of (parquet, laminate, linoleum).


For dust protection

It is also popular to use glycerin for cleaning the house from dust. It is necessary to dilute the substance in water and wipe the surface with a cloth soaked in the solution. Additionally, the product will give shine to glass, lacquered bases and tiles.

For washing

If you rinse a wool item in a solution of water and glycerin (2 liters of liquid with one teaspoon of the substance), and then in cold water using ammonia (in the same proportion), the material will become fluffier and softer after drying.

To fight fat

It is necessary to slightly warm the substance, apply it to the fat stain and leave it there for half an hour, and then wash the product in the usual way.



To fight cockroaches

Glycerin in everyday life can also be used to eliminate insects. The substance attracts cockroaches, like the valerian of cats. To create a trap, you need to take a glass jar and pour glycerin into it, and coat the walls with sunflower oil. In the morning, all the cockroaches will be stuck in the jar.

For giving

A composition of water and glycerin (mixed in a ratio of 1 to 10) is used for seed treatment. After that, they germinate better, since glycerin has the property of accumulating moisture. You need to soak the seeds in the solution for half an hour.

You can use glycerin in everyday life and for treating trees, thereby protecting plants from insects and bad weather.



Glycerin for beauty and health

Glycerin is used in everyday life and for the preparation of various cosmetics.

Skin care

The substance, diluted in water, is used to moisturize dry skin of the face and body. Also, the product effectively fights against irritations on the skin and the negative effects of cold. When applied to the face, glycerin forms a film that maintains fluid levels. But it is better to perform this procedure in normal and high humidity, and not in dry weather.



Hair care

A substance can be added to shampoo to give hair a lamination effect. They can also complement any store cosmetics for hair and skin. It is used against warts. Glycerin is also used at home to eliminate warts. For this, a composition made of 3 tbsp. l substance and 1 tsp. vinegar should be applied to these growths every day.

For night cramps. It is necessary in its pure form, before going to bed, lubricate them with calves and feet or other places where cramps occur.

Glycerin for leather goods

To eliminate abrasions, especially in the area of ​​the seams, you need to soak a cloth in glycerin and wipe the damage with it. Then the procedure can be repeated, that the effect was more noticeable. If you use glycerin all the time, leather products will retain their presentable appearance for much longer.


Glycerin for blackening tires

Glycerin has applications in everyday life and in a more non-standard area. Drivers love to use the rubber on their cars. There are several options for using glycerin for blackening tires, here is one of the most common: you need to dilute the substance in water in a ratio of 1 to 1 and then spray the compound on the tires, or soak the cloth and wipe the surface with them. Before the procedure, the tires must be washed and dried. Glycerin provides the rubber with a glossy and long-lasting black color. If used in a lesser proportion with water (1 to 7), the surface of the tire will become more matte.


Drying protection

The property of glycerin to absorb moisture is used, for example, in art. So, the substance is added to the clay for modeling, the material becomes more plastic and does not dry out longer. Glycerin is used in everyday life and for processing leather during tanning, for lubricating dried fruits and adding to soap.

Glycerin from fogging

It is necessary to wipe the glass with a composition of one teaspoon of glycerin and 10 tbsp. l ethyl alcohol. This will provide high-quality protection of surfaces from fogging and freezing. The procedure must be repeated every few days.

And when adding a couple of drops of glass cleaner to the composition, this treatment will prevent the occurrence of streaks after washing.



A good recipe for fogging mirrors and other glass products is a composition of glycerin and alcohol in a ratio of 1 to 10. You need to wipe the surfaces with a cloth soaked in solution. And the lenses of the glasses can be cleaned simply by adding a few drops of the substance to a cotton swab. Then you need to wipe the product with a clean flannel.

The properties of glycerin make it possiblehousehold applications for various purposes. It is impossible to tell about all the options for its use in one article. But it is obvious that the substance should be in any home — there will always be areas for its application.

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